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GHEM Living: In Search of the Perfect Pendant Lighting

Lighting. It’s a tough subject for two reasons: 1. It’s expenive. 2. There’s so much to choose from!! The first light I’d like to tackle is the one for the living room. It will be above our couch and right in the center of our open-concept living space. I think it needs to be wide but not hang too low. Ideally it would also be affordable, any suggestions? If you look at the image below, note that it will hang from that hole in the ceiling on the top right. Don’t look at the color on the walls! we’re changing them to a light gray very soon! and changing the wooden roman blinds to a medium gray colored drapes eventually!


As we slowly make our new home our own we are finding ourselves always left with a bunch of questions when we begin to think about lighting. Do we want everything to coordinate throughout the entire house? Should we try to make something ourselves? What do we really want? I’m kind of thinking maybe a two-tiered drum pendant like the one pictured below:

6f97dade398124f5bc4c0ac55fb5ed7bI don’t know….too simple? I also like stripes! help! If you see anything or know of any good sites to check out please send them my way!

Real Weddings: Patricia & Ryan

Today I’d like to talk about our last wedding of 2013, the beautiful intimate wedding of Patricia & Ryan. Patricia contacted me early in the year and I could not wait to start working on their event! Below is the inspiration board that started it all.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.38.53 AM

The groom, Ryan, is a writer and editor and Patricia designs wedding gowns, what a dreamy pair, am I right? So the vintage books on the board are a nod to Ryan’s profession, the lace alludes to that of Patricia. They both love bourbon, dried flowers, and the cotton represents the south, where the wedding took place. The rope represents a bar called Rope, where they first met. From Patricia, “We had our first date on November 15th at a lovely Italian restaurant in our neighborhood, second on the 17th at a coffee shop, and third on the 19th where we returned to the place that started it all: Rope… and we’ve kind of been inseparable since then.”


Meet Patricia & Ryan! Their three favorite things to do together: 1. Cooking together. 2. Morning coffee and reading the news. 3. Wandering around Brooklyn, where they live.

mccully_131115_galloway_1323Remember how I mentioned that Patricia designs wedding dresses? well guess who designed her very own dress, yep, she did! and it looked fabulous on her!

mccully_131115_galloway_2038Back to wedding day details! We enlisted the drink pouring services of Jacob Sanford, a fellow bourbon fanatic, to make delicious Brooklyn’s and Seelbach’s for the entire wedding party. The vintage coups and rocks glasses were provided by GHEM.

Flowers_blogThe flowers were also created by GHEM. We used silver dollar eucalyptus, blush garden roses, chocolate cosmos and chocolate lace, as well as some silver brunia and ivory lisianthus, to name a few of the stems. Deer antlers made their way into the centerpieces as well as into Patricia’s bouquet, a symbolic gesture to her father, who watched from up above on this special day.

960284_795239566545_309707733_nDid I mention that we rented some awesome vintage furniture from Everthine Vintage? Well we did and Tori was amazing to work with! We had to do some shuffling around since the rain decided to join us for the occasion!

mccully_131115_galloway_1288Following the sweet, intimate ceremony, the bride & groom cut into a delicious chocolate bourbon cake by Samantha Sanford, while guests continued to enjoy tasty drinks at the bar. Samantha also designed all the signage used for the event!

1554614_795238044595_1395658347_nFollowing the ceremony in Green Square, everyone made their way to Local 11Ten for a delicious dinner. We love how we were able to transform the private dining room with vintage books and brown glass vases. We even incorporated bits of lace from Patricia’s dress onto the containers holding the centerpiece flowers!

mccully_131115_galloway_2495Congrats Patricia & Ryan! and thank you so much for the opportunity to put together your wedding! Can we do it again next year? vow renewal maybe;)? {All images above – excluding the inspiration board images – courtesy of Jade + Matthew Take Pictures}



DIY Sparkly Scalloped Garland

Ready, set, go! You have less than a week to put this garland together for your New Year’s Eve party, but don’t worry, it’s super easy, promise! {all images courtesy of Izzy Hugdins Photography}


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • twine
  • gold glittered paper {they sell some at Michael’s}
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • large whole punch {also sold at Michael’s}


Here’s what you do:

  • Pre-cut desired amount of circles out of the glitter paper and fold circles in half.
  • Also pre-cut desired twine length, make sure to leave room for tying.


  • lay twine in fold being sure to leave space at both ends for tying


  • glue down the flaps to secure on twine


  • repeat until the desired length is achieved
  • hang, and enjoy!


Real Weddings: Eileen & Wesley

I am so excited on this Christmas Eve! Not only for the time off with family and all the holiday merriment but also because I get to share some images from one of our lovely September weddings with you today!! Great ready for some pretty stuff people!! May I present to you the wedding of Eileen and Wesley:


Wesley and Eileen were married in the backyard of their beautiful home, everything about this wedding was so sweet and personal. We used one of our old window panes to direct guests through the gate and into the backyard for the ceremony, one of my favorite details from the day!130928_HALLEY_glitterandhops_00496

The groomsmen lined the steps leading up to their porch or “altar”. Eileen had ties made in coordinating fabrics for each of them.130928_HALLEY_glitterandhops_00622

After the ceremony guests enjoyed refreshments, dinner {which was almost entirely made by friends and family by the way!!}, and lots of dancing!!

130928_HALLEY_glitterandhops_00696The flowers oh the flowers! This is the first wedding we’ve done where we created all the florals! One of Eileen’s most important aspects of the wedding were to have an abundance of flowers and I’m pretty sure we made her wish come true! How cute is this bride?!?

130928_HALLEY_glitterandhops_00264We were so happy to be a part of another beautiful event and we wish Eileen & Wes many beautiful years to come! {all images by Stephanie Halley}