Take Me Away Monday: The Canadian Maritimes

Hello there! I am very excited to report that Jon and I will be traveling in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island very soon! I haven’t been back to Halifax, NS since 2010 and have actually never been to Prince Edward Island, although I do enjoy their mussels whenever I can! We’ll be visiting with family and attending a wedding. I cannot wait to leave this swamp and enjoy some cool nights up there. Bring on the Keith’s, Poutine, Caesar’s, and PEI Mussels!Thunder Cove, PEI (Photo: Nicolas Raymond)


Take Me Away Monday: Panama

So I’m sure it’s no surprise that Jon and I are pretty much in love with Panama. We were there for a week during our honeymoon back in 2010 and have thought about it ever since. I mean, who doesn’t drool when they see this?!?!?

We are hoping to return there a couple times next year and here are some of the things I hope to see and do:

3. Boquete, 4. Bocas Del Toro, 1. Parque Natural Metropolitano, 2. Starfish Beach

Looking for places to stay in Bocas Del Toro, Panama? Click Here! Until then, see you upstairs at the bar?


Tantalo Hotel, Casco Viejo, Panama City

Anyone have any suggestions for things we should see, places we should go? This might be a far stretch but we’re also interested in possibly opening a cafe there, or starting a craft type of non-profit, or both…..so if anyone has any insights, please get in touch! Muchas Gracias!



Heading to Atlanta…

Hey there, I’ll be heading off to Atlanta tomorrow for the installation of a project I’ve been working on for the amazing Sam Flax store. They have recently moved into a new space so if you’re in the area, go check it out because it’s pretty awesome! Their new address is 1745 Peachtree St. NW at Brookwood Place, Atlanta, GA 30309. And if you go by anytime after this weekend, be sure to check out my stuff! Below is a sneak peak!

Day off in Beaufort, SC

It’s not very often that Jon and I have days off together…but last week we got the chance to take a day trip over to Beaufort, SC, and it was a blast! Such a beautiful place! We brought our bikes along and rode around downtown, and all the beautiful neighborhoods…here are some things we saw…

Love the way the oak tress swoop down in front of this house!

And the patriotism!

Caroline & Brian’s Managua Wedding

 So as you may recall from this post a while back, we ended our honeymoon with the beautiful wedding of our friends Caro & Brian. I was so excited when Caro shared these images with me! it brought back great memories of a fun and happy night. The above image is of the ring bearer pillow I made for them, you can get your very own right here, yea! Below are the Mother and brother of the bride. Liesy’s dress was custom made, as was Caro’s. Doesn’t she look like the proudest mom ever?!

 The Church was probably my favorite part of the whole setting, isn’t it amazing?!? And speaking of amazing, how about Caro’s dress!?! AMAZING! And of course the happily married couple below…congrats to you both! so happy we could be there to celebrate with you!

Honeymoon Recap: Part Six – San Juan Del Sur

Let me just say that if you thought our crossing from Panama to Costa Rica was odd, I would not recommend crossing the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I’m sure the experience would be very different for someone from there, or for someone who spoke spanish but here’s how it went: 1. get an exit stamp in your passport from the Costa Rica officials, check. 2. walk about a mile until you reach another (un-signed) checkpoint….but for some reason no one seems to think your bags should be checked, okay…3. get to a gate where lots of people speaking broken english try asking if you need a taxi. 4. at this point you still have not seen any signs nor any glimpse of what could maybe pass for an immigration office. 5. you pass by a group of people standing in what looks like an old bus station. are they waiting there for something? selling things? who knows…6. You finally see a duty free building as well as a few other un-marked buildings. take a lucky guess as to which building you’re supposed to go to, and wait in line for an immigration “officer” to stamp your passport and take $12 from you. (it’s only $10 when you fly over the border by the way). 7. After that you head to another gate where a security guard asks you for another $1 for “taxes”…alright, sure…. 8. Barter for a taxi to get you to your hotel all the while playing every possible worst case scenario in your head of where the taxi driver is actually going to take you. Luckily I knew where we were going, so once I saw a few things I remembered I felt better.

Now having said all that, I do love San Juan del Sur and definitely recommend a trip there. We stayed at Hotel Victoriano, a charming little bed and breakfast. Check out my delicious breakfast above, and and even more spectacular view of the bay! You might remember the post I did about San Juan from my trip back in August.

On our second day there we took a boat taxi to the northern beaches for $10/each round trip. We did lots of exploring and sun bathing, it was probably one of my favorite days of the whole trip!

The picture above has inspired me to do some patterns based on the trip so stay tuned for those!

Delicious fresh fish tacos right on the beach!

Honeymoon Recap: Part Five – La Cruz

We left La Fortuna on a very early morning public bus heading for the Nicaraguan border. During the ride I kept hearing what I thought were the sounds only a chicken could make, then I looked at the guy next to me and realized he was in fact traveling with a chicken. Sorry for the bad image quality but my iphone seemed so out of place in the scenario:

Yes, that is a chicken. All-in-all it was an interesting experience and went fairly smoothly. Roughly six hours later we made it to La Cruz, a super tiny hilltop town on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, 20 km south of Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica’s main border crossing with Nicaragua.

Our lovely little suite at Recreo Resort. I had found a great deal for a couple nights stay here through Jetsetter. Our stay included a private chef, horseback riding, bike riding, snorkeling, and sea kayaking.

The chef, Magdelena, made all three daily meals, including snacks like this yummy guacamole!

The beautiful beach was a short little bike ride from our suite. The photo really doesn’t do it justice but it was breath taking, just such a different terrain that what we’re used to.

We took advantage of the horse-back riding since it’s not something we do everyday or in the last 10 years for that matter. Jon’s crazy horse was named “Flor de Cana” which happens to be the name of my favorite rum from Nicaragua, so we got a kick out of that. we spent the morning riding around the trails and beaches….so much fun!

Did I mention that it was valentine’s day while we were there? this is how we ended our vday, with some yummy pina coladas! Best one yet!