DIY Sparkly Scalloped Garland

Ready, set, go! You have less than a week to put this garland together for your New Year’s Eve party, but don’t worry, it’s super easy, promise! {all images courtesy of Izzy Hugdins Photography}


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • twine
  • gold glittered paper {they sell some at Michael’s}
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • large whole punch {also sold at Michael’s}


Here’s what you do:

  • Pre-cut desired amount of circles out of the glitter paper and fold circles in half.
  • Also pre-cut desired twine length, make sure to leave room for tying.


  • lay twine in fold being sure to leave space at both ends for tying


  • glue down the flaps to secure on twine


  • repeat until the desired length is achieved
  • hang, and enjoy!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day…..y’all!

So….I’m not sure if you know this but St. Patrick’s day is pretty huge in Savannah, actually, it’s very huge!! I mean thousands upon thousands huge….I think? I don’t know but it’s crazy how many people flock to Savannah for the parade (which is second in size to the parade in Boston!). I think it may have something to do with our open container law maybe;)….our Irish community? or maybe it’s simply because the weather is great this time of year and Savannah is of course, an awesome city to visit. Either way, I have had good times…and bad times during this holiday here. One year Jon and I worked a friend’s hot dog stand…that was a good year. A bad year was when I locked my bicycle to a street sign only to return to find that someone had run over it? that sucked…..So I hope that whatever you decide to do on this green colored holiday, please be safe and have fun!

mccully_130310_so_0053{image by Jade + Matthew Take Pictures}