Ask Andrea: Why your Mom {or your aunt or best friend} can’t be your wedding planner

Hello readers! Today I am putting all my cards out on the table. I want to chat about a topic I take very seriously when it comes to weddings {for obvious reasons}. I am finding that more and more I have to explain to potential clients why they need me or someone like me {a wedding planner} to help them with their event. Sites like pinterest, which I love don’t get me wrong, make the beautiful things we do look like something you can just slap together in minutes, and while I am a fan of DIY’s/etc, when it all boils down, YOU ARE GOING TO NEED SOME HELP, the planning of your wedding should not be DIY-ed! And now to lighten the mood, a little snippet from one of my all-time favorite wedding movies:

Never fear though, things have come a long way since Franc from Father of the Bride. We’re not all like that and we’re also not all like Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Plannerhowever I do wear a head set sometimes…;)


Now you might think, “Well Andrea, my mother said that she can help set everything up that day”. That is super super duper nice of her but it also worries me. I might predict that depending on how intricate your decor is, how your wedding is going to work out logistically {if you are going from one venue to the next for the ceremony and reception}…..I’m thinking that your mom is probably going to get a little if not a lot overwhelmed, when really what she should be doing is spending the day relaxing and enjoying being with YOU and your family. Often times I have maybe 15 minutes to get ready during an event, so I can only imagine how hard it would be for a mother, aunt, or friend to do what I do and have to get all dressed up and put together since they are actually attending the wedding as a guest.

130720_mccully_furse_0726{image by Jade + Matthew Take Pictures}

Another HUGE thing that I always tell clients is, you can always tell me that you hate or dislike something without hurting my feelings, but the same cannot always be said for family or friends. People get REALLY emotional when it comes to weddings, in case you haven’t noticed. So let mom enjoy the day and let people like us put together all the pieces and handle the issues {because no matter how prepared you are there will be issues}! I think that in the end your mom, aunt, or friend will be really glad you did! Not to mention that it’s just great to have someone on your team, who knows exactly what you want and isn’t going to drown you in opinions of what and how they think a wedding should be. Trust me, EVERYONE has opinions about how a wedding should be! you want people on your team, and that’s who we are! If you need a little more convincing, check out this awesome, detailed write up on the subject. Or email me with questions {}! I could really go on and on with how important what we do is. This quote from one of our May 2013 brides really sums it up too: “We had a such a great time! And everything looked so wonderful it was exactly how I wanted it to look but would never had been able to pull off on my own! I don’t know how brides get through weddings without someone like you! Everyone commented that I was so calm and relaxed and it was in large part because I knew you had everything under control!”

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Andrea Gray Harper is an artist, designer, and maker who incorporates embroidery, screen-printing, and digital techniques into her handmade objects. A native of the Southeastern United Sates, Gray’s exposure to tropical plants and a lack of winter season garnished her love for the outdoors, plants, and bright colors. In 2007 Gray received a B.F.A degree from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in Textiles and Fashion. Since then she has attained an M.F.A in Fibers, participated in various solo and group exhibitions and trade shows, won Second Place in the Annual Juried Artist Book Symposium at the ACA Library of SCAD, and received the Ben C. Morris travel scholarship to study abroad in Cambodia. Today Gray is working on a variety of projects, from photo styling to garden design and event planning.

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